Dr. Mahendra’s Dental Tourism

International Patients

Whether you are planning to visit India for Dental Tourism or searching for optimum specialties in health care, Hyderabad has rightly been the most preferred destination for International patients. While medical tourism spreads its horizons across other prominent countries too, Hyderabad certainly surpasses all with quality healthcare and hospitality. Also known as ‘Hi-Tech City of India’, Hyderabad has beautifully enriched the unique conjunction of avant-garde healthcare facilities and the city’s diversified, rich heritage and culture in terms of hospitality and Dental Tourism.


Mahendra dental hospital has been catering to non-resident Indians for 2 decades and since several years with the latest implant technique of ‘Permanent Teeth in Three Visits’  has been catering to an  increasing flow of satisfied patients from USA, UK, Middle East and Australia. In addition to our advanced technique the following standards have helped us maintain an edge:

  • The standards of sterilization, dental techniques, equipments and materials used are on par or superior than most dental centers in the U.K. and U.S.A.
  • The doctor associated with Mahendra Dental Hospital are highly qualified, super specialized and have affiliations with international associations and organizations.
  • The main branch which is located at Panjagutta is a 10 minutes drive from numerous budget hotels to 5-star hotels.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • PICKUP arranged for consultation
  • Our international coordinator will help fix hotel, air tickets and airport pickup arrangements for your trip.
  • Allow us to give a free quote on a provisional treatment plan.























 In order to get the complete treatment plan proposal without any commitment or    hidden charge, please fill in the Enquiry Form. To get a more definite treatment      plan of some treatments, such as dental implants, crowns/bridges, root canal          treatments and wisdom tooth removal, sending us some Panoramic X-Ray of        your mouth is very helpful.

To get the treatment plan regarding the dental veneers or cosmetic dentistry, sending us some pictures of your teeth is very helpful. To make the dental appointment for the regular tooth cleaning, tooth filling, normal extraction and tooth whitening, your pictures or x-rays are NOT required.


 Your personal and medical information are very important for us to be able to establish  the best treatment for you. All this information will stay strictly confidential. If you do    not have any digital X-Ray of your teeth, don’t worry! Please send us some enquiries     first, and we can start the initial examination immediately.