Dr. Mahendra’s “SMILE MAKEOVER”

For Indian Bride :

brideHer wedding day is one of the most monumental days of any girl’s life. Every girl wants to look and feel her best and the preparations to this event always start months in advance.
At Mahendra’s we understand the importance of flashing your brightiest smile on your big day. Hence we offer complete cosmetic smile makeovers which can change the way you look forever in less than a week! We offer special bridal packages to all the special brides out there.

For Working / Corporate women :

corporate-womanCorporate women is one who oozes extreme confidence and presents herself with a certain status physically and mentally. Nowadays in the corporateworld presentation means a lot and a well groomed person with a charming and healthy smile takes you to a different level with people working arround you to get your presence felt of which can make a positive impact on your profile.

With more & more women trying to attain high positions all over the world every extra bit of help makes a huge difference. Recent surveys have shown that people with pleasing smiles have a better opportunity at higher jobs. We are all delighted by a friendly, attractive smile whether its at a front office or a first interview.

Smile makeover :

jessicaYou come with the want to change the way you look. You will get what you desire. Aesthesia the chamber for esthetics dentistry was founded looking into the specific need for the highly sensitive and demanding requirement of clients looking for high end esthetics and makeovers to the way they look.

The cosmetic makeover setup has Doctors with expertise spanning over 15 years, so you can’t go wrong choosing us.

The most difficult problem will be made to work for you, check some of the esthetics points which are there to consider:

  • LIPS : Both lips should be Symmetrical.

  • WIDTH : Should be atleast half the width of the face

  • TEETH : Should be Straight with no visible restorations. Two central upper teeth to be the dominant features and lower teeth hardly visible.

  • GUMS : Too much can give a ‘Horsey’ look. The lipline should show no more than 2mm of gum.